Paul B. Franch

Mergers, Acquisitions, Investment Banking and ESG

Canadian born from Italian immigrants Paul maintains his grass root heritage. A father of two young men and a devoted husband, he relishes the idea of entrepreneurial spirit. A career path took Paul from a financial advisor to principal of the 5th largest mutual fund company in Canada. After a brief retirement in 1999 Paul was not quite finished. He started a unique financial planning firm that focused on financial planning solutions that was the first to provide, fee for service platform . In 2005, Paul sold his firm to one of Canada largest Insurance firms. His continued involvement with the purchasing firm, Industrial Alliance warranted Paul an Executive Vice President role for Western Canada operations. Pauls desire to grow and achieve bigger goals turned his attention to the world of start ups. Paul was able to identify that the opportunities seemed endless however to choose the best ones came through his experience in sound business judgment. The start up of Bio-Techfar Inc and the affiliation to ICFAR along with both professors Dr. Franco Berruti and Dr. Cedric Breins has opened a great deal of doors globally. As a proud Canadian that sees the future in the talent we as Canadians bring to the world markets he seeks to leave a legacy that ensures a cleaner, and brighter environment for generations to come.