Arthur J. Madjarian

President and CEO

Arthur Madjarian has been closely advising succession planning for over 10 years and has been involved in over 75 transactions.

An enterprising executive leader with a penchant for accelerating business growth, Arthur is a consultative sales expert focused on optimizing the customer experience. Arthur’s track record includes a strong talent for building a loyal base of customers and delivering top-level performance; these skills allow him to support sustainable growth so that a company can fully thrive. As his executive career continues to evolve, he remains steadfast in his belief that collaboration is the key to business success. On a daily basis, he is committed to building positive relationships with his customers, sales management peers, clients, and vendors. It is through these bonds that deals are closed, and relationships are strengthened. He continually endeavors to cultivate vital client partnerships that continually enhance networks while boosting the company’s revenue stream.