Charles A. Farag



Practicing in Association

Experienced and multidimensional business leader that is highly adaptive and a quick thinker. Constantly looking to be challenged and pushed to achieve more. Extremely self-aware with a high degree of emotional intelligence. Innovation and new ways of thinking are some of his best strengths.


Charles Farag’s main focus is on growth: personal growth, business growth and making a positive impact in the lives of others. Perseverance and the belief in the self are what allowed Charles to propel his life forward. Charle’s purpose is being an actor of change and disrupting the conventional ways of doing things.


Charles has been an entrepreneur since 2008 and has built and sold two successful businesses. In 2018 he took on the role of Vice President of Vision Marine Technologies which his role was to advise and assist the board of directors on financing and funding opportunities. The company completed a $27 Million IPO in November 2020. Currently he is the Chief Commercial Officer of BizBiz Global and is responsible for the commercialization of their Intellectual Property.



* Exclusions in Canada until March 2025; Any dealership for automobile, motorcycles, leisure or recreational, trucking, agricultural, marine or heavy industry vehicles and equipment, in each case whether new or used, and alone or in any combination thereof, and whether through bricks and mortar or internet or other presence (individually or as a group).