Adam Coussa


Quebec and Atlantic Canada

GMREB and OACIQ Registered
Practicing in Association

Adam Coussa is a specialist in Mergers and Acquisitions and Real Estate who gained his experience working closely with many buyers and sellers across Canada. Adam started his career as a licensed real estate broker. When given an opportunity to work on behalf of top tier brand that was for sale he decided to pursue this direction and hasn’t stopped since. Adam’s extensive network continues to grow. His ability to understand what the client wants and execute on that is his biggest strength. Where others see obstacles, Adam sees opportunity and will work with both buyers and sellers to find a winning solution for all.


* Exclusions in Canada and the United States of America; Any dealership for automobile, motorcycles, leisure or recreational, trucking, agricultural, marine or heavy industry vehicles and equipment, in each case whether new or used, and alone or in any combination thereof, and whether through bricks and mortar or internet or other presence (individually or as a group).